C# / .Net Developer 2-4 yrs experience
700 – 1300 USD


We are looking to fill 8 Developer positions for young stars who want to grow to be Architects or Technical Experts.

Are you a young with 2+ years of experience who want to make a next big step for your career?

Do you want to work with and learn from some of the leading IT people in the world who can mentor you to grow to a higher level? We work in close cooperation with some of the world’s most amazing IT people, both in Vietnam but also through daily online cooperation with our offices in Denmark (www.globeteam.com).

We are looking to fill 8 new Middle Developer positions in various teams.

If you think you have some or all of the followings, why don’t apply immediately?

  • You feel that you have learned the fundamental skills of software development and can deliver high quality work.
  • You want to make a next big step for your career.
  • You are finding it hard for you to grow because there aren’t enough challenges or help.
  • You need a more challenging environment to develop yourself.
  • You need a seasoned developer who can mentor you.
  • You want to have a friendly environment where everyone is willing to help you.
  • You want to work with the latest .NET technologies an/or front-end technologies such as Angular, Bootstrap, Ext.Net.
  • You want to build great products that the customers will love
  • Your key responsibilities are to enjoy your daily job, follow your passion to become a great developer, and use your skills to build great products! The expectations we have for you will correspond to your salary level.

    Lower Salary Levels

  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Fast Learner
  • Middle Salary Levels

  • High Productivity
  • Analytical Mind with ability to understand Abstract Concepts
  • High Salary Levels

  • Deep Technical Knowledge
  • Full Stack Capabilties
  • Innovative and Solution Oriented
  • Project Management Skills or Lead Developer Skills or Architect Skills
  • Together, we will define a personal development plan, so you will become one of Vietnam’s best developers.

    Your Skills and Experience

    Necessary skills:

  • Good at .NET 4+, ASP.NET MVC, Web API.
  • Passionate about becoming a great developer.
  • Good at writing Unit tests.
  • Good knowledge of OOP and design patterns.
  • If you love front-end development:

  • Good at Native JavaScript.
  • Having experience of any modern JavaScript front-end framework is a plus.
  • Having any of the following skill will be a plus (but if you don’t, no worry, you will be able to learn them by working with us):

  • Experience with .NET Core and ASP.NET core.
  • Experience with building complex Asp.Net MVC applications.
  • Experience with using OOA&D skill to design and implement applications.
  • Experience with working with database technologies using ORM framework.
  • Develop software systems running on Azure using all the latest Azure technologies.
  • Develop highly complex software using Event Sourcing, CQRS.
  • Develop trending software using Block-chain technology.
  • Utilize the power of NoSQL Databases – such as RavenDB, MongoDB, DocumentDB- to build high performance and scalable solutions.
  • Have fun with SPAs and state of the art front-end technologies such as AngularJS, RiotJS or ReactJS, VueJS.
  • Build systems with complex domain models using DDD – Domain Driven Design.
  • Refactor monolithic applications using microservice architecture.
  • Build scalable web application using NodeJS.
  • Develop traditional WPF desktop apps.
  • Work with popular ORM frameworks such as EF, NHibernate, Dapper with database
  • Why work with us?

    – Our office has flexible seating and meeting and pair programming spaces.

    – We allow some flexibility of work hours. We allow people to work from home some days, or work less less during week days to take care of their family and make up the lost hours during weekend at home, as long as they are able to communicate with others using Skype and email.

    – We work, we learn, we share. New technologies are introduced everyday and we always want to be at the front line.

    – We love working and building great products, but we also value our families ans strive for work-life balance.

    – We provide laptops for everyone.

    – We understand software development and know what it takes to make good software.

    – We want you to earn a lot. If you want to earn more money to afford whatever it is you dream of, you can work more hours. If you are more interested in less overtime but a good balance between work and free time, we will put you on projects that offer less opportunity/demands for overtime.

    – You will be working with some of the smartest and most experienced people. In short-people you can learn a lot from!

    Additional benefit:

    • Work with all the newest technologies!
    • Work with the most talented IT people in Vietnam!
    • Attractive salary and flexible hours!
    • Yearly company trip
    • 18 paid leave days/year
    • Weekly football game
    • Michael’s English class
    • Table football
    • Daily snacks, coffee counter
    • Quarterly birthday party
    • Sponsors for taking MCSD / ISTQB certificates
    • Yearly health check
    • Regular meetup: sharing and learning
    • Regular social activities

    What makes us unique?
    We adapt to our colleagues and employees as much as they adapt to us. That means some flexibility of working hours as well as possibility to work from home. What matters is the deliveries and not how you achieve them. Besides this we have a very advantageous overtime system that makes sure every hour you work for us is appreciated fully.


      Or you can send email directly to [email protected]