1000 – 2500 USD


We are having the most amazing year ever. Existing customers love us and need us to do even more! New customers keep coming in, knowing that we are a guarantee for successful services. Some of the biggest and most prestigious companies in Denmark are now praising our services. RangstrupIT means quality, professionalism, and the best people available in Vietnam for their projects! It’s an amazing feeling to work here, so we need more super guys to join the success!

We need strong fullstack or frontend developers who have a broad all-round knowledge of best practice in all facets of software development. You do not need to be expert in all known technologies, but we expect you to understand technology and be able to learn new things fast.

An important requirement of the job is the ability to solve problems. Typically our employees have responsibility for their own set of clients, so when clients have an urgent issue then there may be no one to ask but you. In this situation the only solution may be Google, try, test, try again, try again, and never give up till the problem is solved. It does not mean you need to know everything – but that you can quickly learn new stuff, research and improve so that no challenge is impossible for you.

By working with us, you are going to work and developing something unique, learning new ideas, mastering new technologies, strengthening communication skills with foreign clients, and solving customer issues and getting recognized for it!

You will have chances to learn the latest technologies such as Angular, Azure, DevOps.

Your job is to constantly be better at solving all the projects we give you.
And we are in a unique position of constantly getting new projects using new technologies requiring lots of interaction with foreign customers.
We will start you up slowly … let you just learn how we work … how we think.
We are extreme professionals. So you will find a lot of gaps in your knowledge and skills when working with us.
Not a problem! We will fill these gaps!
As your confidence grows we will give you more and more responsibility.

Slowly, you will understand how you are now becoming much better than the “standard” developers in Vietnam!

Very few resources in Vietnam will have the skills that you do!

Your job is to become one of Vietnam’s 1% best developers. And you can achieve it with us!

What skills do we require for this job?

The core skills and experience that will help you successful with us are:

  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • System thinking.
  • Problem solving.
  • Teamwork.
  • 4 years+ experience.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • OOA&D.

Having any of the following skill will be a plus (but if you don’t, no worry, you will be able to learn them by working with us):

  • Develop software systems running on Azure using all the latest Azure technologies.
  • Have fun with SPAs and state of the art front-end technologies such as
  • AngularJS, RiotJS or ReactJS, VueJS.
  • Build systems with complex domain models using DDD – Domain Driven Design.
  • Refactor monolithic applications using microservice architecture.
  • Build scalable web application using NodeJS.
  • A bit of backend/.NET skill is welcome.

Why work with us?

– Our office has flexible seating and meeting and pair programming spaces.

– We allow some flexibility of work hours. We allow people to work from home some days, or work less less during week days to take care of their family and make up the lost hours during weekend at home, as long as they are able to communicate with others using Skype and email.

– We work, we learn, we share. New technologies are introduced everyday and we always want to be at the front line.

– We love working and building great products, but we also value our families ans strive for work-life balance.

– We provide laptops for everyone.

– We understand software development and know what it takes to make good software.

– We want you to earn a lot. If you want to earn more money to afford whatever it is you dream of, you can work more hours. If you are more interested in less overtime but a good balance between work and free time, we will put you on projects that offer less opportunity/demands for overtime.

– You will be working with some of the smartest and most experienced people. In short-people you can learn a lot from!

Additional benefit:

  • ? Work with all the newest technologies!
  • ? Work with the most talented IT people in Vietnam!
  • ? Attractive salary and flexible hours!
  • ? Yearly company trip
  • ? 18 paid leave days/year
  • ⚽️ Weekly football game
  • ?‍? Michael’s English class
  • ? Table football
  • ? Daily snacks, coffee counter
  • ? Quarterly birthday party
  • ? Sponsors for taking MCSD / ISTQB certificates
  • ? Yearly health check
  • ?‍? Regular meetup: sharing and learning
  • ?‍?‍?‍? Regular social activities

What makes us unique?
We adapt to our colleagues and employees as much as they adapt to us. That means some flexibility of working hours as well as possibility to work from home. What matters is the deliveries and not how you achieve them. Besides this we have a very advantageous overtime system that makes sure every hour you work for us is appreciated fully.


    Or you can send email directly to [email protected]