2000 – 4000 USD

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Work with all the newest technologies!
  • Work with the most talented IT people in Vietnam!
  • Attractive salary and flexible hours!

The Job
Are you passionate about being a great lead developer and a great architect? Do you love building and leading a team to build great products?
Do you love being constantly challenged to extend your knowledge area and learn new technologies by working within areas you have never worked before?
Do you understand proper coding and development practices? We are looking for developers who are productive and understand what good quality means.
Are you an Azure experts who are able to architect a complex, high performance products?
Do you love to mentor your teammates to be the next generation of lead developers and architects?
We are looking for an Architect/Lead developer. The position will work with a talented team and will use all the latest Azure technologies.
Your key responsibilities are to enjoy your daily job, follow your passion, and use your skills to build great products!

Necessary skills:

  • Advanced Azure architect knowledge.
  • Advanced complex software design.
  • Passionate about being a great architect and a lead developer.
  • Team management skill is must have.
  • Good English skill. You will need to communicate directly with our customers daily. Interview will be carried out in English.
  • Good understanding at DDD, CQRS.

Having any of the following skill will be a plus:

  • Experience with .NET Core and ASP.NET core.
  • Using OOA&D skill to design and implement applications.
  • Develop software systems running on Azure using all the latest Azure technologies.
  • Develop highly complex software using Event Sourcing, CQRS.
  • Build systems with complex domain models using DDD – Domain Driven Design.

Why You’ll Love Working Here

  • We don’t like to work 12 people in booths in one long row. Our office has flexible seating and meeting and pair programming spaces.
  • You will be working with some of the smartest people you have ever worked with before. Guys who are used to discussing all aspects of technology with customers who have worked in the IT business for decades. Guys who love technology and hate code that is not top notch. In short – people you can learn a lot from!
  • We allow some flexibility of work hours. In return we expect very detailed time registration, so that we can keep track of your deliveries and performance and we of course expect you to be on time for meetings and online chat sessions. Coordination and organization is a key element of a flexible work environment.
  • We allow people to work from home some days as long as they are able to communicate with others using Skype and email.
  • We want you to earn a lot. We have a very advantageous overtime system, since we are selling our resources to our customers by the hour we want you to work more hours to be able to afford whatever it is you dream of. If you are more interested in less overtime but a more balanced segregation between work and free time, we will try to put you on projects that offer less opportunity/demands for overtime.