About us

Rangstrup IT mainly focuses on long term projects and especially within the area of new product development. We have done a lot of simple projects, like static web sites and minor desktop applications, but we typically only undertake these when the projects can lead to a more extensive cooperation with the customer. The reason that we focus so much on longer term projects is due to the cost/benefit ratio of offshore outsourcing being so much more advantageous when projects are larger. Also, by having fewer projects, we are able to keep administrative costs low, which results in us being able to hire absolute top-end human resources while keeping the hourly prices at the same level as our competitors – or lower!

  • 2010

    RITVN (then BPRIT) started working with our first customer from Denmark. VN employees were all on freelance contracts
  • 2014

    RITVN was incorporated in Vietnam by Thai Anh Duc,
    Nguy Duc Thuan and Rangstrup IT Denmark
  • 2016

    RITVN moved to our current offices in Tan Canh Golden Building.
  • 2019

    50 employees, 2 floors, 4 ODCs
    Clients from around the world


We are on a mission to create IT Gurus and Evangelists from every single employee.
Our teams all support long term clients. Find the team that fits your interests!


Mission: World Class Design + New Technologies + Best Practice
Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, DDD, CQRS, NoSQL

If you crave learning about or working with complex designs and top end scalable architectures on standardized ERP solutions for top 1000 companies, then this is the team to join. Gain a skill set that will never become outdated.


Mission: High Complexity + Top $$$ Skills Sets + Global Value
Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, SAML, OAuth, WS-Fed

A few years on this team and you will have skill sets that can get you hired anywhere in the world. All the major companies around the world are desperately looking for resources within this team’s domain – we can make sure you get them!


Mission: Innovation + Startups + Variation
Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, Mobile Techs

If you love new challenges and want to avoid getting stuck on the same product for a long time, then this team will be just your thing! You will be exposed to so many technologies and ideas that your head will spin. Definitely the team for developers who love change!


Mission: Enterprise Resource Planning + Integration + JIT
Main Technologies: Azure, C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, Revit

A team supporting a sister company of Rangstrup IT in developing an fully integrated system for the construction industry including 3D modelling of architectural drawings. Great place to learn about system integration, lean production practices and just-in-time principles.


Mission: New Skills + New Technologies + Cost/Benefit
Main Technologies: Azure, C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, MongoDB

If you like a team with a fast pace and a need to constantly learn all the newest Microsoft technologies, then there is no better place. But be aware, the team only accepts the brightest developers due to its fast pace, steep learning curve requirements, and tight estimates.


A few of the guys you will be working with

Nguy Duc Thuan
Professor X

Thuan is an expert within the area of “anything so complex that no one else understands it”. Combined with almost flawless written English he is our secret weapon to handle any overseas clients who are gurus within their fields of expertise.

Michael Rangstrup
Evil Boss

Michael spends most of his day multitasking between 100 different projects while still being able to convince customers that the company can deliver 100 more. He is always available to answer questions from all employees on everything from proper English to functional designs.

Thai Anh Duc
The Lightning

Duc has successfully slowed down time and believes most projects can be done in less than a few hours. He is our resident guru on personal development and aims to learn several new technologies every day. He loves transferring knowledge to his team and will take on any project at any time.

Vo Tuan Phong
The No Fear Man

Phong will take on any project in any field and any technology. If he is pushed into an area he has never tried before he will learn it in a matter of hours. He is master of motivating his team who constantly deliver beyond what should humanly be possible.

Cao Trong Thang

Thang does what any good football striker does – he receives the task (ball) and makes sure it passes the goal line. Everyone loves to work with Thang since he never says no and never gives up.

Dang Truong Chinh
The Joker

Both the funny guy at the office and the secret card we play when new projects on new technologies with tight deadlines need to be done on time. Our current master of Azure technologies and Team Leader of Rangers.

Thu Nguyen

Thu is a good leader because she is flexible and agile. But don’t get her wrong – she knows when to fight and when to pull back. She is the iron rose of Casewhere who her team loves to work with!

Huynh Huy Phong
The Hulk

Phong is a favorite among our customers and developers due to his ability to track down even the most elusive of bugs and issues. Handling clients is not always the easiest of tasks, but he seems to always find a way to solve their problems.

Do Thi Truc Phuong
Queen Bee

Our beloved Chief Accountant who takes care of everything from finances to HR to purchasing. Not only is she invaluable in making the office run smoothly, but is also the person everyone goes to for advice and support.

Vo Ta Manh Thang
Bounty Hunter

Working in a very complex domain, Thang proves to be the best logical thinker. Whenever in doubt about business logic, ask him, who can remember an incident ID which occurred 2 years ago. With a quality first mindset, he constantly challenges the client for undiscovered scenarios, applies new tools and techniques.

Phan Huu Nam Kha

Kha speaks softly but carries a big stick. He has a “one shot-one kill” capability where his deliveries are close to perfect each time – regardless of complexity. The decision to make him team leader was a simple one.


Quan is a highly skilled and disciplined Senior Developer, consistently demonstrating a remarkable work ethic. He excels at problem-solving with his technical expertise.

Thao Dinh

If you, by chance, stop at Casewhere, you will see Thao is working everywhere. His multitasking ability makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Ask Thao about anything related to Casewhere, especially security.

Quang Dang

Quang is a true leader who always tries to manage things proactively. He is a good listener and surprisingly humble. You’ll love working with him. His passion for Casewhere is the reason we keep fighting for it every day.


As a senior QA Engineer, Cuong is highly skilled in automation testing and has deep knowledge and hands-on experience with security and deployment. His calm, optimistic, and accountable character make everyone happy working with him.

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