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We are on a mission to create IT Gurus and Evangelists from every single employee.
Our teams each support a number of long term clients. Find the team that fits your interests!

Team Freedom!

Mission: Innovation + Bleeding Edge Technology + First Movers

Main Techologies: Node.js, GoLang, Blockchain, Vue.js, Angular

Our newest team that promises to be one of the most fun and interesting places to work in Vietnam. Focused on products related to and integrating with YouTube as well as cryptocurrency technologies, we are expecting this to be a job like no other.

Team Casewhere

Mission: World Class Design + New Technologies + Best Practice

Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, DDD, CQRS, NoSQL

If you crave learning about or working with complex designs and top end scalable architectures on standardized ERP solutions for top 1000 companies, then this is the team to join. Gain a skill set that will never become outdated.

Team Safewhere

Mission: High Complexity + Top $$$ Skills Sets + Global Value

Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, SAML, OAuth, WS-Fed

A few years on this team and you will have skill sets that can get you hired anywhere in the world. All the major companies around the world are desperately looking for resources within this team’s domain – we can make sure you get them!

Team Pioneer

Mission: Innovation + Startups + Variation

Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, Mobile Techs

If you love new challenges and want to avoid getting stuck on the same product for a long time, then this team will be just your thing! You will be exposed to so many technologies and ideas that your head will spin. Definitely the team for developers who love change!

Team FactoryHouse

Mission: Enterprise Resource Planning + Integration + JIT

Main Technologies: Azure, C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, Revit

A team supporting a sister company of RangstrupIT in developing an fully integrated system for the construction industry including 3D modelling of architectural drawings. Great place to learn about system integration, lean production practices and just-in-time principles.

Team Rangers

Mission: New Skills + New Technologies + Cost/Benefit

Main Technologies: Azure, C#, ASP.Net, AngularJS, MongoDB

If you like a team with a fast pace and a need to constantly learn all the newest Microsoft technologies, then there is no better place. But be aware, the team only accepts the brightest developers due to its fast pace, steep learning curve requirements, and tight estimates.

Team DSS

Mission: Performance + Security + Scalability

Main Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, Angular, CQRS, NoSQL

A team dedicated to our most prestigious client; the Court Systems of Denmark. Working with the type of data that decides people’s future is a huge responsibility. This team therefore has a huge focus on looking at security and quality of code and design. A customer to have on your CV if any!


A few of the guys you will be working with


Have any of these skills? Then we need you NOW!

800 – 2000 USD

We are looking to fill 1 Senior QA/Test Engineer position in an internal product team. You will work directly with a talented Vietnam team as well as with Danish customers and project manager.

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Front-End Developers
1000 – 2500 USD

We are looking to fill Developer positions with a new team that uses JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, AngularJS.
Knowing Ionic framework or NodeJs is a plus, but is not mandatory.

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Xamarin Developer
800 – 1500 USD

Want to have fun developing innovative Xamarin products? We are developing a number of exciting games and social applications of our own as well as supporting third party clients.

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.NET/WPF Developers
1000 – 2000 USD

2 Senior Developer positions in an Offshore Development Center team. You will work directly with a Danish Project Manager at our Vietnam office. The initial project is for a multinational French company.

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Technical Writer
Advanced English
2000 – 4000 USD

Job requires both good English as well as the ability to understand complex technical subjects and systems. You will mainly be writing SEO articles and guidelines for our many products.

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C# / .Net Developer
Senior / Specialist
1000 – 3000 USD

Job requires a high level of technical skills and experience within Microsoft technologies and offers high salary, exciting projects, and constant challenges in terms of technology and design.

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Business Analyst
2000 – 4000 USD

We will be looking for a strong Business Analyst (BA) that can work directly with our internal teams and our customers to help review, analyze and evaluate business systems and user needs.

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.NET Architect / Lead developer
2000 – 4000 USD

We are looking to fill .NET Architect / Lead developer position in an internal product team. You will work directly with a talented Vietnam team as well as with Danish customers and project manager.

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