Why should we participate in company activities?

I always consider the company as my second house. Actually, we even spend more times at the company than we do at home. With 24 hours we have for a day:

  • We spend 8-10 hours at the office or for work
  • 6-8 hours for sleep
  • 3 hours for meals and taking baths ?.

We are only really at home around 4-5 hours and also busy with other things. Why don’t we make the most time we spend to be the happiest hours? and How?

The answer is that we should participate in our own company activities. Honestly, cooperate activities can bring us more benefit than what we actually know such as team morale, relationship, good work environment, and creativity.

In term of team morale, activities will help create discussion among members and unite everyone. Hence, the more activities we join the more collaboration can be reached. All company events and activities are very much teambuilding experiences.

About relationship, working time is just for work discussions. Company festivities are times for us to chit chat on other topics. Activities can help open communication among employees from other teams or between employees and management. There are some people that we would not connect with until we are in the same team of a competition. We would never know that we could have many more great relationships if we don’t give ourselves and others chances to sharing new things. Activities are more relaxed kind of interaction.

We all want to work in good and positive environment, yet not most of us know that we are main parts to build that kind of workplace. Fun activities boost everyone’s mood, help people understand each other then can lighten up a potentially stressful workplace what we don’t want to work in. As a results, a nice work environment will help increase productivity and positivity.

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In conclusion, joining activities will give us great time to relax and release the stress of hard troubles in our life. Just join for fun then other amazing things will come naturally.