Stability and Growth during Hard Times

The IT industry has seen many years of continued growth and investments in the sector has been strong. But in recent months, the tide seems to have turned. The big IT companies are laying off resources and new investments in IT are few. Many software companies have grown inorganically and taken in more projects than what their organizations were really ready for.

In RangstrupIT we have also had opportunities for a lot more business than what we have taken on, but we have never given in to “easy money”. We have hired resources at a speed where we could onboard these organically and maintain a high quality of our deliveries. We have rejected short-term projects and unstable customers. We have focused on our core skills and kept a highly lean organization

We have focused mainly on a few long term customers for who we have gradually become closely integrated into their day-to-day operations. Many of our customers are at the same time public and government institutions who are a lot less impacted by economic fluctuations than their private counterparts. Many of our contracts expire in years from now and the projects we are supporting are low risk as our clients have gradually become dependent on our deep integration in their daily business

We do not have many small projects and as of now, our pipeline is full for at least a year to come. So even during these hard times, there is only one direction our business can go… and that is up!