The question of your life

A chance to deeply know about yourself

The question is…

Today, we would like to introduce to you an interesting post about life from Võ Ngọc Hương (VNH), a passionate BA of Casewhere team. Enjoy 🙂

My teacher used to ask me an interesting question which I’ve in turn asked many of my friends and colleagues. Today, I’d like to ask you.

“Imagine that you’re in your house and suddenly 4 things require you asap. They are:

  • A baby is crying. You need to take care of her/him.
  • A phone call. You need to answer it.
  • A friend comes to your house and is waiting outside. You need to open the door to let him in.
  • Water is pouring out of a tap. You need to turn off the tap to save water.

What do you choose to do first? What is the order of actions that you choose to do?”

Now, please go out and consider about them seriously. You can write down your answer if you want to. Anyway, please don’t come back until you have the final answer and are sure that you won’t change it anymore.

Why do you think what you think?

Have 5 minutes left?

Do you imagine all the scenarios and let them happen in your mind clearly?

How do you feel when you think about each task?

I hope you are honest with yourself. You only have one chance to deeply know about yourself.

Ready? OK. Let’s go.

This question is a psychological question to study what you prioritize most in your life.

  • The baby = your family.
  • The phone call = your job
  • The friend = your friendship
  • Water = your resources.

What you choose first is what you devote almost all your energy, passion and empathy to. Of course, what you choose last is what you disregard the most. The reason you put it in the last position is the key to your deep inside. Maybe you don’t think it really matters. In the worst case, you might have a problem with it but you don’t know how to control it, or it has defeated you.

My friend put the water in the last place. She had had a serious problem with her personal finance. Money came and money went so easily, and she didn’t think it mattered. When I asked her more about it, she told me that her family argues endlessly about money. She unconsciously avoided all issues related to money like exactly the way she escaped from her family’s argument.

Another friend chose to open the door first to let his friend in. As a friend, he’s definitely generous, faithful, and supportive. The point is that he favored his friend over the baby. He confessed that he loved his family very much, but he usually stayed away from solving family conflicts. He didn’t know how to express straightly or end feuds with his parents in happily. My friends who chose to answer the phone first, I can see that, they all some achievements in their job and they talk about their jobs all the time.

Your assumption about the question can tell about your recognition about the matter too. Many of my friends supposed the phone was a telephone, some assumed a mobile phone. In fact, people who think about the mobile phone tend to perceive their job as more flexible and scalable than the ones who think about telephone.

Some said that they could see a baby boy screaming out loud, some shared that they saw a little girl whimpering. Generally, the ones who see aggressive kids tend to meet annoyed, tough, long-lasting problems in the past. If people feel tired when they think about it, they’re really exhausted to handle those tough problems (if you feel like this, even for other matters, I recommend that you should take a break and observe how other people deal with it). On the other hand, if their imagination is about a little pretty princess, they are more likely have a lovely warm family.

Take away

The question doesn’t have correct answer. It’s all about you, your choices and priorities in life. It helps you to think about things around you clearly, how do you look at them, how do you feel and how much do you realize about them. Your answer can change throughout your life, when time change and people change, or when you need to change. Are you satisfied with your answer? If not, you can contact me. I can help you investigate the reasons makes you confuse. 

Do you feel free to share you answer with me (I would love to use it as references to help other and I will keep you anonymous in my story if you’d like)? Also contact me. 

Last but not least, where do you put yourself?

How much do you love/take care/study/invest in yourself?

And how do you know about it?

I can tell you in my next post