What we read this week 18/08/2018


Contributed by Safewhere team.

During developing production code, we also get around to improve background knowlege to support future demand of customer and to catch up the trend. Here the the list that we read last weeks.

  1. REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review
  2. Fundamental of Agile (just for those who go too far away from this concept)
  3. Brilliant kid game to learn math for wide range of levels https://www.prodigygame.com/
  4. Great seri blogposts to understand OAuth2.0
  5. Angular a top-down approach
  6. Getting tired when writing a bunch of HTML tags?. Let’s use Emmet – the essential toolkit for web-developers
  7. Getting tired to thinking about strong password ?. It very easy to come up with sufficiently complex passwords with Strong Password Generator
  8. Manage important account passwords intelligently and automatically with Dashlane
  9. Announcing TypeScript 3.0
  10. Cheapest and easiest way to install MongoDB server for locally use with Docker for MongoDB
  11. The Layouts of Tomorrow
  12. Web Authentication and Windows Hell