What we read this week 27/07/2018

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A week or two have passed with so many interesting things happening that we could hardly have time to catch up. But no worries because we are here to collect the most interesting pieces for you! Please follow us for bi-weekly digest.


  • Want to learn more about how the CLR’s garbage collected heap works? This book Writing High-Performance .NET Code has a nice chapter about it. You can also get some performance tips about reducing memory fragment and putting less pressure on the garbage collector.
  • Still new to Agile? Check out this post Top Twelve Myths of Agile Development.
  • Becareful if you are opening LDAP Port 389! Attackers are now abusing exposed LDAP servers to amplify DDoS attacks.
  • Want to connect your Azure Websites to an on-premise Database Server securely? There is a good article explains how to configure this.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Some helpful tips and tricks for making a UX flowchart for tracking, debugging and improving UX.
  • 10 Small Design Mistakes we still make.
  • Good advices for good design. This article helps you create a checklist for evaluate how much good your design is.
  • Ever need a Process Manager for NodeJS apps? You may want to check out PM2.Misc
  • We are what we eat. This book not only gives out guidances for gaining and reversing the health even from worst situation via clean and fresh diet, but also recover the fact about food industry as well as medicine industry.
  • In the strictest time, when you need the greatest performance, you also need the best sleep ever. This talk cover the way brain relax, refresh and clean up by unepxected, ingenious, but beautiful mechanism.
  • Why it’s hard to balance among family, work, friend, and health and how you can find a solution (or admit the true). James Clear has a nice article to explain this.

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